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Residence of a prince built in the early twentieth century

The building was erected in the years 1905-1907 as the home of an Austrian prince who wished to reside in Milan driven by his love for a young Milanese girl. The original project, designed by the architect Gattermayer, also benefited from his collaboration with the Austrian architect Adolf Loos, a prominent figure in Viennese "fin de siècle" architecture.

The Restoration

After a meticulous restoration in 2002, the house became a prestigious centre for events, conferences and exhibitions under the name “Residenza Vignale”.

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Residenza Vignale storica Residenza Vignale storica Residenza Vignale storica



  • Gold Room
  • Red Room
  • Pink Room
  • Green Room
  • Library
  • Entrance
  • Courtyard
  • Kitchen


Gold Room

It is the largest and brightest room of the house, due to its exposure to natural light and the golden colour of its walls. Intentionally furnished in a minimal way, it easily adapts to any type of setting. In addition to two large mirrors that enhance its generous size, it has an impressive fireplace. It can accommodate up to 60/70 people seated at tables or in a theatre style arrangement for small conferences. In standing buffets it can accommodate approximately 80/90 people.
Size: sqm 56

Red Room

Richly furnished and decorated, the Red Room accommodates 50 people seated at tables or in a theatre style arrangement for small conferences.
Size: 47 sqm

Pink Room

Cosy and elegant, the Pink room boasts   a striking mirror that creates unique colour effects. It is ideal as a meeting or conversation area or to host cocktails or coffee breaks.
Size: 28 sqm

Green room

A very refined room, with wood panelling and mirrors; it has direct access to the Pink Room and the Gold Room.
Size: 27 sqm


The library is located on the first floor and is accessed via the grand staircase.   It is warm and elegant and fully furnished.   It is ideal for business meetings or as additional sitting room.   It has direct access to a large terrace with flowers.
Size: 28 sqm

Entrance hall

This area can be accessed through an elegant entrance that is separate from the rest of the building.   It is spacious and bright and boasts an impressive main staircase leading to the first floor.   It may be used as reception room for all types of events, including   conferences or business meetings.   It is next to the cloakroom and has direct access to the courtyard.
Size: 65 sqm


Quiet and surrounded by flower beds, it is the ideal extension of the Residenza during the summer. Buffet tables, small tables and umbrellas can be arranged in the courtyard, which can also host outdoor performances. Upon request, the courtyard may be covered with a temporary frame tent.
Size: 120 sqm


It is a modern and technologically functional area. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator with freezer, two ovens, four burners and an electric hotplate. Its direct access from the courtyard facilitates loading and unloading operations for the catering staff. The kitchen has direct access to a bathroom – changing room for personnel.
Size: sqm 24

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In the heart of Milan